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Comfortable, well-equipped
en suite accommodation at great value rates in a stunning location next to the River Stort within the northern end of the Lee Valley Regional Park

Roydon Marina Village hotel reviews

Roydon Marina Hotel offers comfortable, well-equipped en suite accommodation at great value rates in a stunning location next to the River Stort within the northern end of the Lee Valley Regional Park, 'London's biggest open space'.

The hotel is conveniently located within easy walking distance of the railway station which offers direct links to London and Stansted Airport, both of which can be reached within 30 minutes by train. All of the nonsmoking en suite rooms have a TV, tea/coffee making facilities and biscuits. Every room has either a trouser press or an iron. With three family friendly pubs and two restaurants in the village, there are plenty of choices to dine with a 10 minute walk. Stay in the country and visit London!

Park and Fly - Stansted Airport - up to 15 nights parking

Avoid the last minute rush to the airport with our exclusive Park and Fly package at the Roydon Marina Hotel. On the night before your flight enjoy a one night stay in comfort and leave your car parked safely in our car park for up to fifteen nights. Wake up feeling refreshed and rested before strolling to the nearby railway station and taking a direct 25 minutes train ride* to Stansted Airport.

Prices start from just £65 per room, Bed & Breakfast (Continental) based on two adults sharing. Please check for current special offers.

* Train or taxi fare not included

To Book your room call 01279 792777 (opt.2)


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