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The lodges at Roydon Marina Village truly offer you the best of both worlds – a picturesque country waterside setting just 30 minutes by rail from England's most vibrant city.

Each lodge has its own private terrace, dedicated parking space and a further visitor parking space is available. The lodges offer a variety of accommodation options from 2 to 3 bedroom family holiday homes. The lodges are well appointed, designed with contemporary interiors and fully equipped with every modern convenience.

We aim to make the purchase of your new holiday lodge an enjoyable experience. You will find our sales teams polite, considerate and professional. Their aim is to guide you through the options and choices towards your eventual purchase. Within the range of lodges we have on offer we are confident we have the right home for you.

Second home ownership at Roydon Marina Village, provides you and your family with the flexibility of holidays and short breaks whenever you want them throughout the year as you can now holiday in your lodge for a full 12 months. Get away from it all, escape to your very own holiday lodge and just relax. The ultra modern lodges sit within beautifully landscaped gardens surrounded by stunning waterways and lakes. Within the grounds, and just a short stroll from your lodge, there is a contemporary restaurant and bar with a separate family and entertainment facility. There is even our 32 acre lake and marina which is available for you to own your leisure boat. Dine al fresco on your own private veranda and watch the sun go down. It's entirely up to you.

Depending on your choice of lodge model there is a huge array of options. The lodges have many interior choices such as kitchens, furnishings and even the layout of the floor plan. Our sales advisors can assist with these options.

To arrange a visit please contact the park sales team on

Telephone: 01279 792777

Email: sales@roydonmarinavillage.co.uk

Our show homes are available for viewing by appointment 7 days a week and throughout the year.


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